About Us

Since 2000, With My Feet has been presenting spirited and riveting dance productions under the guidance of the legendary Naomi Rajaratnam. As a dancer, choreographer and inspirational role model to her students, every performance is birthed from the very heart of Naomi. Her uniqueness lies in the ability to bring out the best in everyone, regardless of their dance experience.

Living on a tea plantation estate in the misty hills of Sri Lanka, as a child, Naomi often spent time alone pouring over pictures of graceful dancers. At the age of five, she was boarded at Bishop’s College where she was taught the intricate and demanding techniques of ballet by Timmy Ingleton, a Royal Academy of Dance qualified teacher. Naomi’s very first performance was at the age of five on the Lionel Wendt Theatre stage playing the role of a Japanese Doll. Later years saw her collaborating with renowned names in the dance industry which eventually culminated in a partnership with Chandri Peris for the longest time.

Naomi went on to dance locally and internationally while gracing the catwalks of Colombo modeling some of the latest trends of the time. Her capabilities propelled her into the limelight of Colombo’s social sphere, as she choreographed prestigious pageants such as Miss Sri Lanka, Manhunt, Working Girl and more.

Excellence, not perfection is a standard for all of Naomi’s students. It is this principle that has ensured and enabled many of her With My Feet students to participate locally and in international competitions in Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore. With My Feet’s most recent productions are a testament to Naomi’s ability to adapt, evolve and appropriate current trends into her performances. This included her multi-sensorial approach in all of her visual performances; from music, lighting, props, costumes and choreography. These include;

With My Feet (2000)

The very first dance production by Naomi featured a range of eclectic dance styles from Latin-American, Ballroom, Jazz, Oriental and Contemporary. The show was heavily inspired by Burn the Floor, a popular live dance show which is performed around the world.

With My Feet Thru Time (2003)

A dance extravaganza and second show presented by Naomi. A fusion of Latin-American, Ballroom, Jazz, Oriental and Free-style was specially choreographed to bring out different eras of dance throughout history. The experienced and talented dancers took the audience on a journey through time with well-loved music and songs; Genesis, Jailhouse Rock, Love is in the Air and Animal Samba.

Celebrates 2005 (2005)

A celebration of some of the key dance productions of the 1950’s musicals, this show was a fusion of Latin-American, Ballroom, Contemporary, Jazz, Oriental, Bollywood and Freestyle. The sets were elaborately created to mimic cityscapes, while costumes were designed to enhance the audience’s emotional connection to the dance item.

Ensemble (2006)

This show was a repeat performance of Celebrates 2005 and was staged at Trinity College, Kandy. Audiences from the hill country were captivated by dance items inspired by 1950’s musicals.

Living Stones (2008)

Inspired by the city in the Bible’s book of Revelations whose foundations are made of twelve precious jewels, the dancers symbolically brought these precious stones to life through their dance. Choreographed and staged during a time of war and much strife in Sri Lanka, Living Stones brought hope and inspired faith in many.

After a brief hiatus since 2008, Naomi made a return with Resurrection (2017) after encouragement from Kirby and Fiona de Lanerolle to follow the will of her life. This symbolic resurrection was not just in her life, but also in the lives of many of Naomi’s dancers who came back to dance after a few decades. Grace & Glory (2019) which was carefully curated for those who had an appreciation for love for dance followed two years later.