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Our Story

Since 2000, With My Feet has been presenting spirited and riveting dance productions under the guidance of the legendary Naomi Rajaratnam. As a dancer, choreographer and inspirational role model to her students, every performance is birthed from the very heart of Naomi. Her uniqueness lies in the ability to bring out the best in everyone, regardless of their dance experience.

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Meet the Dancers

Manuja Hughes

While frequently attending dances and performances with her aunts, Manuja began dancing as a child. Her teachers include Myrtle De Almeida, Antonio Fernandez and Naomi Rajaratnam. Currently living in the United Kingdom, Manuja has the privilege of learning under professional Latin American dancers Gunnar Gunnarsson and Marika Doshoris. She has won many local and international dance competitions while performing globally as part of With My Feet. Manuja currently competes in the Pro Am category representing the United Kingdom. In between her fulltime job and professional dance career she is a mother to a very active one-year-old! Manuja’s considers her aunt, Seedevi de Zoysa, a wonderful and compassionate figure to be one of the key influences over her life.

Kushan Seneviratne

Kushan began his career in Latin American Dance in 2002 with Prince Ratnam and in 2004 joined With My Feet by chance as wingman to his longtime friend, Bharatha. Little did they both know, this would be one of the pivotal turning points in their lives! Since then, Kushan has competed in various events and dance competitions both locally and internationally. He currently runs his own business, Bodykave a successful active wear line for discerning fitness enthusiasts. He enjoys staying fit, reading and watching TV in his free time. Kushan looks up to his mother as his role model for her keen work ethic and unwavering dedication.

Bharatha De Silva

The intention to start dancing in order to impress the girls was fast superseded by Bharatha’s love for the craft! He commenced classes under Prince Ratnam and then joined With My Feet in 2004. His first memorable performance was “Celebrations” and following that took part in almost all of With My Feet’s productions. Bharatha has gone on to compete and win dance championships both locally and internationally. He claims he does not have much free time left for extra curricular activities as most of it is filled with many hours of dancing! With all of this, he currently runs his own business. Bharatha is inspired by the legendary Brian Watson and loves to embody his style of dancing.

Suraj Mapa

Guest Performer

Suraj first began dancing in 2001 when he visited Naomi Rajaratnam’s school and saw her professional dancers. Since then, he has also studied Kandyan Dance under Kulasiri Budawatta. Some of Suraj’s notable achievements include being an award-winning actor starring in many local movies and tele dramas. He has gone on to win the 3Cs Best Actor for Sri Lankan Tele Dramas in Australia, and has been placed as Runners Up in the Beginner and Fresher’s Category in the Footwork International Dancesport Championships 2001. Suraj likes watching movies and traveling in his free time and draws inspiration from Victor de Silva and Hrithik Roshan as his role models.

Kevin Nugera

Guest Performer

Kevin’s interest in dance began incidentally with Hip-hop! He has additionally studied contemporary, tap, ballet and traditional styles of dance and loves them all. Kevin’s belief that it takes a lifetime to perfect a style, led him to choose Latin Dance, mainly due to his interest in local and international competitions. He commenced his career with Darshan Wijesuriya and is grateful to him for introducing him to the art. Kevin has also studied with Toni Fernandez and Cyraine Illangakoon and has received training overseas. Although he has many notable accomplishments that are worthy of mention, Kevin credits it all to his passion for dance, rather than achievements. He loves to watch movies and travel in his free time.

Tarja De Silva

Inspired by the girls in their sparkly dresses at her first ballroom championship, Tarja commenced classes at Antonio’s Dance Circle and by the age of 15 was dancing competitively. She has studied under several local and international teachers such as Toni and Michelle, Kevin Nugera, Pamela McGill and Gunnar Gunnarsson. Key highlights of Tarja’s career include; making the top 216 in the Amateur Latin Category Blackpool, Top 17 at South of England Championships, the Asia Professional Latin WDC Ningxia Dance Festival China and starring in the British blockbuster film, Cuban Fury. In her free time Tarja likes to travel and indulge in fine dining. Her role models are her parents who have been a never-ending source of encouragement throughout her life.

Kessie Lara

Since the year 2009, Kessie has been learning Ballroom and Latin American dance technique under Kevin Nugera. She started dancing initially to lose weight and it was during that time Kevin spotted her potential. Kessie has won many dance championships since then and has even gone on to become the 2013 National Dance Champion. In addition to this, she has been a part of various stage productions and musicals, while performing in many shows around the country. Absolute Joy is the third show she is working on with Naomi. She loves animals and spends time traveling, researching and trying out new cuisine in her spare time. Kessie’s role model is Naomi Rajaratnam herself, whom she considers a lady of class, sophistication, discipline, honor and most importantly, a motherly figure.

Leakhani Jayasinghe

It was a school concert in grade 1 that sparked the start of Leakhani’s dance journey. She initially taught herself to dance by watching YouTube videos and at 16 began attending Hip-hop classes by Lalith Parakum. Leakhani went on to be featured in Derana’s City of Dance and was recognized as best Soloist Dancer. She has studied Latin American, Kathak, Hip-hop and Kandyan under Kevin Nugera, Moksha Samarasuriya and Anushka Ekanayake, Sathis Hettihanthri and Budhawatha Rangayathanaya respectively. Leakhani has also participated in several international dance festivals in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand while winning and passing exams in the above. She likes to listen to music in her free time and is inspired by Michael Jackson’s moving, heartfelt performances.

Dylis Dias

Dylis grew up in London, England and at the age of 6, began dancing at her local stage school which focused on tap, modern/jazz and ballet dancing.

After participating in competitions, shows and exams for 16 years, Dylis took a break from this area of dance and soon found another passion when she started ballroom and latin classes. In re-discovering her love for dance, she’s been lucky enough to perform in amateur performances and pro-am competitions, mainly in the UK but also once in Sri Lanka, being part of the ‘With My Feet cast in Resurrection.

Tharupa Senanayake

Tharupa began dancing in 2008 when her parents spotted potential talent in her. Since then, she has studied Bharathanatyam, Hip-hop and Latin American Dancing under Pradeepa Ariyawansha, Nalin Gunaratne and Kevin Nugera respectively. In addition to this, she is learning Traditional Dance at the Kulasiri Buddhawaththe Dance Academy. Tharupa has excelled in every area she has competed in which includes; Gold Medal in the Voice Over Festival of Performing Arts, final top 6 in a reality TV show out of six thousand five hundred applicants, under 16 Solo Gold Medalist in Feel the Beat Dance School Dancesport Championship 2018 and Under 16 Latin Synchronized Gold Medalist at the El Latino Dancesport Championship 2018 to name a few. Tharupa likes listening to music and choreographing to different dance styles in her free time.

Deliya Senanayake

As the youngest star of this production, little Deliya began dancing in the year 2013. Within a short span of time, she completed her first stage in Bharathanatyam under Pradeepa Ariyawansha, has studied Hip-hop under Nalin Gunaratne and is currently learning Latin American Dance under the guidance of Kevin Nugera. To date, Deliya has won a Gold Medal in the Voice Over Festival of Performing Arts, was placed 1st Runner Up in the Under 13 Latin Synchronized Category in the El Latino 2018 and 2019 Dance Championships. In addition to this, she was placed as 2nd Runner Up in the Under 13 Solo Category in the ADC Dancesport Championships 2019. Deliya likes to listen to music, read fairy tales and play with her pets in her free time.

Annie J Ligory

Annie is an accomplished Standard and Latin American dancer. In addition, she is a successful home baker and career woman, who balances between a 9 to 5 job, and being a mom. Her first opportunity to pursue her dancing dream came when she joined a social dancing class conducted by Antonio (Toni) Fernandez, in 2007. She soon proceeded to compete in the Ballroom Dancesport Championships nationally and internationally and was successful in becoming the champion a few times. Later, she shifted towards Latin American dance, joining Kevin Nugara and the El Latino Dance Academy. During her time at ELDA, she was part of the show team, performing at local and international entertainment events, while being the assistant teacher, helping Kevin in his social and kids’ classes. Thereafter, she and her partner became the unbeaten Latin American Dancesport Champions for several years, in the amateur category-the highest category in Sri Lankan Dancesport. Currently she operates as an independent artist and continues to pursue her love for dancing through her own establishment ‘Dance Station by Annie’.

Rangi Fernando

Rangi is a movement artist, yoga instructor (RYT 200) and a movement meditation coach with a background in the Laban Bartenieff movement analysis (USA) and somatic movement forms (BMC – Australia). She is the founder of “Sync & Move’, a platform formed to add a different perspective to dance. Rangi started her training at the age of seven with the Channa Upuli Dance Foundation and explored Latin American dance under the guidance of Kevin Nugara and contemporary dance through Mesh Academy of Dance. As a movement artist, Rangi was the first Sri Lankan to be invited to be a part of the GAGA Dance Winter Intensive in New York. She has also been a part of the American Dance Festival at Duke University and gained her movement training at the Mark Morrison Dance Company (USA) and Sydney Dance Company (Australia). Rangi’s research being focused on the connection between the body and mind, led her towards gaining her certifications in yoga and meditation. Through her platform, Sync & Move, formed in 2019, Rangi has conducted over 60 workshops and impacted over 6000 people both online and in-person. Rangi is also an alumni of Manash University (Bcom – Accounting and Finance) with over 9 years of experience in PR, Business Development & Lead Generation at MAS Holdings. Through her movement work, Rangi aims to impact people’s lives by adding new perspectives, challenging societal notions whilst making dance an accessible movement form.

Anjalee Kodagoda

As a trained Kandyan Dancer, for the past 4 years Anjalee has been learning Latin and Ballroom dancing under Kevin Nugara. She initially began dancing with her brother as her partner and was inspired by the opportunity to learn new dance forms and excited at the prospect of taking part in many dance competitions. With this, Anjalee went on to win Bronze and Silver levels in both Latin and Ballroom Categories. She likes to travel in her free time, watch movies and is an avid cat lover. Anjalee is a believer that anyone can dance, but it’s the drive and passion that makes one a great dancer.

Milinda Kodagoda

There are shortcuts to happiness,
and dancing is one of them.